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How to read all messages in the VK conversation with a bot?




Description : there is a conversation in VK with 3+ interlocutors, a bot from my group has added there; The bot issued all rights, the most actual version of Longpool is selected.

Task : you need to get all the messages that were previously written in conversation. Tell me, please, how can this be implemented? I will be glad any help!

Tried : it was already possible to request information about the conversation using the Method query, {'peer_ids': 2000000000 + ID, 'Unread': 0, 'Filter' : 'all', 'extended': 1}) , but this query does not display information about user messages.

was tested by messages.gethistory , but it does not work because the request occurs in a multiplayer conversation, and not in personal messages of the group.

was still tested by messages.getdialogs , but, as they say in the official documentation VK, that he is outdated and better not to use it.

Answer 1

The problem is that the bots-communities have a correspondence story in the conversations, therefore, all messages id = 0 and the method cannot be called. You can try User-Token, but it requires an appeal to those. VK support

Update . You can collect all messages using the GetMessageByID method

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