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pip python does not work on the command line




pip doesn’t work in python. What to do? I write on the command line –
D: \ python3 & gt; pip install pyinstaller

And gives out

"pip" is not internal or external
command, executable program, or batch file.

Tried through the python3 \ tools \ scripts folder, still can’t find

Answer 1, authority 100%

You need to add the folder where you store pip.exe to the PATH system variable. note. It’s not about pip.py , but pip.exe !

It is done like this: go to Computer – & gt; Properties – & gt; Advanced System Options – & gt; Environment Variables. Find Path there and click edit. Put at the end of the list ; and add the path to the folder where you have pip.exe .

Answer 2

Try reinstalling python. When you re-install: click “Custom installation” and select “pip” there.
Personally, this helped me, but if you have several versions of python, then I advise you to uninstall everything and then reinstall it!
Good luck.

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