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Python 3: Error ‘name’ … ‘is not defined “




I want to make a “avtostatus” for the bot using. To do this, str (status_message_from_cycle) exposing its value in the cycle:

def status_cycle1 ():
  status_message_from_cycle = str ( "test 1")
def status_cycle2 ():
  status_message_from_cycle = str ( "test 2")
interval = 2
def statusPeriodicFunction ():
  status_cycle1 ()
  status_cycle2 ()
def startTimer ():
  threading.Timer (interval, startTimer) .start ()
  statusPeriodicFunction ()

Later, this value is set in the config file:

self.status_message = str (status_message_from_cycle)

But after the code interpretation goes:

File “/media/mint/F3D8-BADB/MusicBot/musicbot/config.py”, line 88, in init
self.status_message = str (status_message_from_cycle)
NameError: name ‘status_message_from_cycle’ is not defined

Answer 1, Authority 100%

In Python variable scope local by default. For example, the following code will not change the global variable

var_a = "original value"
def modify_var_a ():
 var_a = "changed value" # created a new variable
modify_var_a ()
print (var_a) # & gt; & gt; & gt; original value

To force the use of a variable from an outer scope is necessary to use the keyword global with the name of a variable before it will be used in the domestic scope. If there are several nested scopes, you can gain access to either the global scope by using global , or else to the “nearest” using nonlocal .

var_a = 1
def modify_a ():
 var_a = 2 # another variable with the same name as the global
 def modify_a1 ():
  global var_a
  var_a = 3
 modify_a1 ()
 def modify_a2 ():
  nonlocal var_a
  var_a = 5
 modify_a2 ()
 print ( "modify_a :: var_a =", var_a)
modify_a ()
print ( ":: var_a =", var_a)

modify_a :: var_a = 5
:: var_a = 3

The same is happening in your case. The functions of the status_cycle1 creates a new variable status_message_from_cycle but it is not beyond the function scope. You must first create a global, then specify the functions that use it is global, and then modify it.

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