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python. Rounding fractions intentionally up and down




From these numbers you need to get x less than there is and y more than it is.

x = 0.001 or x = 0.0015
Y = 0.0025

numbers may be different, i.e. Fixed Round (x, 4) is not suitable, because they can be 0.0001514 and then I will get x = 0.0002, which will be more initial number.

thought to the part of Fraction or bitwise operations, but somehow I do not quite understand how it can be realized. Maybe someone did this.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Number – number

precision – signs in fractional part


import math


math.floor (Number * 10 ** Precision) / 10 ** Precision


- math.floor (- Number * 10 ** Precision) / 10 ** Precision

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