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python. Search for a brief path in the graph




Suppose there is any graph.
According to the result, I write it into the dictionary and comes out something like that, for example:
{0: {1, 3}, 1: {0, 2}, 2: {1, 3}, 3: {0, 2}}
Point: {Available paths} – respectively.
How to organize the search for the shortest path?

With this feature, I have implemented simply searching the way, but not brief:

def int_path (graph, start, end, path = []):
  Path = Path + [Start]
  IF Start == End:
    Return Path.
  IF Not Start In Graph.keys ():
    Return none
  For Node in Graph [Start]:
    If Node Not in Path:
      Newpath = Find_Path (Graph, Node, End, Path)
      If NEWPath: Return Newpath
  Return none

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Looking for the shortest path on the column must be implemented not on the Nativity, but to first familiarize yourself with the relevant theory.


Well, if lazy to learn, then at least on the Internet find how this task is offered to solve others, who was not laziness:


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