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Yuzayu Python 3.4.3. I want to write a simple script that text information will be sent to a specified box. Found: The following example . In the interpreter mode I enter:

& gt; & gt; & gt; Import SMTPLIB
& gt; & gt; & gt; Server = SMTPLib.SMTP ('smtp.yandex.ru', 465)

And on the second line, the interpreter is tightly hanging. For Yandex Info About server took hence .

UPD: If you use the same for Gmail:

server = smtplib.smtp ('smtp.gmail.com', 587)

That is all the rules. However, I want (i.e. there is a box) connect to Yandex. Maybe it?

UPD2: If the port is 587 for Yandex, the second line also passes. However, the third:

server.login ("youremailusername", "password")

leads to a raise of exhepn smtplib.smtpserverdisconnected

udp3: found This question is . I do this:

import smtplib

and falls out ssl.ssleoferror

UPD4: found This link and did this:

server = smtplib.smtp_ssl ('smtp.yandex.ru:465')
Server.login ('Login', 'Pass')

And everything worked. It worked in the sense that it came smtplib.smtpauthenticationerror with the message, the essence of which is what I behave like a robot and I need to tie the mobile number to stop seeing the robot in me. Apparently, protecting the password selection.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

For Yandex I managed to go through Authentication Auth Plain via SSL connection.
This code works:

#! / usr / bin / env python3
from GetPass Import GetPass
Email = Input ('Enter Mail: \ N')
Password = GetPass ('Enter the password:')
DEST_EMAIL = INPUT ('Enter the recipient's address: \ n')
subject = input ('letter topic: \ n')
email_text = input ('Letter text: \ n')
Message = 'from: {} \ Nto: {} \ NSubject: {} \ n \ n {}'. Format (Email,
Server = SMTP.SMTP_SSL ('smtp.yandex.com')
server.set_debuglevel (1)
Server.ehlo (Email)
Server.login (Email, Password)
Server.auth_plain ()
Server.Sendmail (Email, Dest_Email, Message)
server.quit ()

Answer 2, Authority 33%

@xyanight (I hope I called him): for gmail

import smtplib
  Server = SMTPLIB.SMTP ("smtp.gmail.com", 587)
  Server.ehlo ()
  Server.StartTls ()
  Server.login ("Login", "Pass")
  Message = "\ R \ n" .join ([
    "From: from whom",
    "To: to whom"
    "SUBJECT: theme",
    STR (Text)
  Server.sendmail ("From whom", "To", Message)
  server.quit ()

Answer 3

I have it so much for Yandex:

import smtplib
email = '[email protected]'
password = 'some_pass'
Server = SMTPLib.SMTP ('smtp.yandex.ru', 587)
Server.ehlo () # By the way, why is it?
Server.StartTls () 
Server.login (Email, Password)
Dest_Email = '[email protected]'
subject = 'Booking from Chatbot'
email_text = 'TEXT'
Message = 'From:% S \ NTO:% S \ NSubject:% S \ N \ N% s'% (Email, Dest_Email, Subject, email_text)
Server.set_debuglevel (1) # Optionally; So the data from the server in the console will be displayed.
Server.Sendmail (Email, Dest_Email, Message)
server.quit ()

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