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“Transformation” Sublime Text 3 in IDE Python?




In general, Googlyl, found a couple of plugins: but alas, I just simply starts anything (Anaconda).
Unless, when Ctrl + B, the execution time was displayed and all, given that there was a lines.
I tried SubLimerepl – just knocks the error about FileNotFound (sort of so)
Maybe someone came across?
P.S: I tried pycharm – not that I can not after sablam.
Thank you (Python 2)

Answer 1, Authority 100%

No, the full transformation in Python IDE from the sablamma will not work. Instead of key combinations in Anaconda, you can use the context menu (right mouse button), the Anaconda item is added there (I have not learned all these cuts). It is better in the built-in Goto , but still does not reach the full ide.

You can still fully configure VENV for each project, it is better starting to suggest imports or autodopsy, but still does not reach.

The only thing that you can brighten up your stay on Sabima, these are various snippets or syntax markup. For example, here is a set of snippets for Django .

Answer 2

I teach children. Many computers are weak. I tried a lot too. Pycharm does not have a norm. On this from the console just run. And so not long ago met such an article may turn out. Try.

http://alexkorablev.ru/2015/12/07 /python-ide/#.wqk3ixxfl0o

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