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Why HTML code in the browser and in Beautiful SOUP different?




In the browser in the developer panel shows such a tag:

& lt; input type = "hidden" id = "g-recaptcha-response" name = "g-recaptocha response "value =" 03AGdBq25WAkToUZeuT7g4nM7immntzoP3yfZbJbkCOnrVgaNyLHjXhI2z-yZCOI3ZJn1_bUSyfoqfvyhURkuAD-mY1YQ7k3IHBxl1641M4vnbGstqwbpYplZ8F4MQ2xlxAOjUS0cKvmVvcPXwGdiMpIjEq3osk0ItwAKGmKgtn5fT6-Dlos7mU7X7GtNrXrk2nTUIrN9G-W944VubpLXWptMfKl2m5J5boT1eM_59HDRduOOUzPiX2zbctQSTRDs_ieyBkDJG29hFe3g2Na7EHWw8JSCxKrI1QFMmVvQh7-ppV0eiQqLNtoxy8EcW-6qHxG16cV9uqktKQdllpq_qU9EwbriAKvnuLV2ykBZEGu2d2r0kA9DB_AV__VdlUr_qsncPQ1Pi3jSE5FEDfMKWGi7US8jURtkJtwfRqGJTZ8h2gJh8bADkv5EG5XvbxKcoq3-bbTj1oM8H "& gt;

When parseing with Beautiful-Soup, the same tag looks like this:

& lt; input id = "g-recaptcha-response" name = "g-recaptcha-response" Type = " Hidden "/ & gt;

How can I get the value of Value?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Two problems why this happens:

  1. You may not logged on the site and tag that you want to see in HTML page code, only authorized users can see.
  2. Perhaps the tag you want to get is dynamically loaded by JavaScript – script. The get method, with which you get HTML – page code, only works once, it cannot receive updates occurring on the page. Most likely, you should use Selenium to solve the task.

Answer 2, Authority 50%

was the same problem. The solution to the problem can be a library
Requests_html . It will be able to boast JS scripts.

from requests_html import htmlsession
Session = HTMLSession ()
R = session.get ('https://site.com')
r.html.render ()
r.html.html # HTML page in which JS is worked out

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