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I tried to write the first program in Qt Creator for the console, as a result of the error:

00:32:14: Steps in progress for project untitled ...
00:32:14: Launched: "C: \ Qt \ 5.5 \ msvc2012 \ bin \ qmake.exe" E: \ YandexDisk \ University \ Informatics \ Program \ Qt \ project_1 \ untitled \ untitled.pro -r -spec win32- msvc2012 "CONFIG + = debug" "CONFIG + = qml_debug"
Cannot find file: E: \ YandexDisk \ University \ Informatics \ Program \ Qt \ project_1 \ untitled \ untitled.pro.
00:32:14: Process 'C: \ Qt \ 5.5 \ msvc2012 \ bin \ qmake.exe' exited with code 2.
Error while building / installing project untitled (bundle: Desktop Qt 5.5.1 MSVC2012 32bit)
During the execution of the "qmake" step
00:32:14: Time elapsed: 00:00.


# include & lt; QCoreApplication & gt;
#include & lt; QTextStream & gt; & gt;
int main (int argc, char * argv [])
 QCoreApplication a (argc, argv);
 QTextStream cout (stdout);
 cout & lt; & lt; "Hallo !!!";
 return a.exec ();

What to do?

Answer 1, authority 100%

First, you must make sure that the path does not contain extraneous characters, including extra spaces. It can also swear in Cyrillic on the path to the file

Second, try to delete the file * .pro.user and then compile again

Third, if something is still wrong, compile the code on the command line

cd path to the project
qmake -project

If the problem persists, just reinstall Qt

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