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Hello, there is an XLS list that looks like this

Table http://take.ms/10y3c

and there is a SQL table in such format,

SQL code http://take.ms/qhhwi

Is there a way to transfer data from the XLS table in a SQL machine? The location of the table is the same as it should be in SQL.

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Yes, such an opportunity is.

Excel allows you to save data in CSV format. And most SQL databases support data download from CSV files. The syntax itself varies depending on the specific implementation of the base, but this possibility is.

Well, as an option – CSV is an ordinary text format. You can always make the simplest script that will be based on to form SQL code.

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to MS Excel, you can also contact with SQL requests from code on VB.NET or C #, i.e., if I understand correctly read the data in one place and write to another place, although it is not entirely clear about the link formats Who are you talking about. As an option, if you have MS Access, you can import data from Excel in Access and then export them to SQL Server.

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If not many entries can be created by the Insert command by clutching the table values, but in this case you must first create this table and describe the fields. The string will be about this type: = Catch (“Insert Into MyTable Values ​​(“; A1; “,”; B1; “,”; c1; “)”)

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