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Tell me, I start correcting the database correctly:

While there are 3 tables: dbo.exam , dbo.offset , dbo.session .

exam and test similar structure: ID name date .

DBO.SESSION : ID fromdate Todate

session one, but it can have several tests and exams.

As I assume, I need to make a connection many to many .

so I do the following:

create table dbo.studentsession
  Sessionid int Foreign Key References DBO.Session (ID)
  Examid int Foreign Key References DBO.exam (ID),
  Offsetid Int Foreign Key References DBO.offset (ID)
  Constraint ID Primary Key (Sessionid, Examid, OffsetID)

p.s How can I refer to id dbo.studentsession from other tables?

Answer 1

If you claim that one session may contain multiple exams and tests , then these are two connections one to many .
More efficient to create tables Sessionexam sessionoffset , respectively, from Sessionid, Examid and SessionID, Offsetid . This will not make it possible to produce entries in the future table StudentSession . Accordingly, then from these tables on the external key sessionid you can get all the necessary information about the exams and tests by ID session.

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