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Good day.
Please tell me how to sort all records by date, but not only ascending, but also starting today, for example:

December 6 (nearest date)

December 12

January 3

June 6

December 1

Another example:

For example today June 6th

June 6

December 1

December 6

December 12

January 3

Part of the solution I already have:

select * from db Order by Date_Format (Begin, '% m% d')

Using Where is not an option, because it is necessary to output all records.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

select B. * from
     Date_Format (Begin, '% m% d') - Date_Format (NOW (), '% M% d') AS Diff
  from db.
 ) B.
 ORDER BY (CASE WHEN DIFF & LT; 0 THEN 20000 + Diff Else Diff End)

In principle, you can without subquery, but I do not like to write long strings with Date_Format . But the basic idea: we get the number, “distance” from the current date to the test and if it is less than 0 (the date to current) then increase the “distance” so that it would be after all dates that After

Answer 2, Authority 100%

You need usual sorting by date + filter to show events in the subscription

select * from db
Where Begin & GT; Now ()
Order by Begin.

If you do not need to withdraw a year – decide this when the value is derived, and not in sorting.

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