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What is an analog of photoshop for Ubuntu, the main thing that could open PSD and work with layers. Now I use as an alternative assets.adobe.com, but from 28.06 the most important feature of Extract will turn off

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Analog Photoshop on Ubuntu is GIMP. It by itself that it is necessary to get used to some things: there is no one in it, something is done otherwise. But this is not photoshop – this is a similar program. Like Ubuntu is not Windows – to compare meaningless.

p.s.: How meaningless comparison and price.

Answer 2, Authority 17%

There is a package Gimp Photoshop Tweaks (under License GPLv3), it completes the GIMP to the status of photoshop: the interface, hotkeys and the location of windows and tabs. I did not notice much difference, everything as in CS6 only for free and works freeze.

Answer 3, Authority 8%

Gimp is completely able to get out of what you need.
The interface is very similar to Photoshop.
There are always many manuals and video lessons / tips

Answer 4

You can put VirtualBox, and on it Windows and photoshop.

in theory, if the computer is modern, then you will not notice the performance reduction when working with a virtual machine ….

Answer 5

Put photoshop on Wine and you will be happy

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