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How to make the list of files displayed in LS -L format. The LL team worked before the update. Now only Ls.
Ubuntu 12.04
Thank you

Answer 1, Authority 100%

alias ll = 'ls -l --color = auto'

and will work LL

Answer 2, AUTHORITY 60%

add to the previous response. If the Bash shell (and most likely it is like this), so as not to introduce aliases every time you can add them to ~ / .bashrc
This file is performed at each login

Answer 3, Authority 40%

The file in which is described by LL in Ubuntu lies in /etc/skel/.bashrc

When creating a new user, it the contents of the SKEL directory is copied to the home. Most likely you were deleted by chance ~ / .bashrc, and therefore aliases did not work.

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