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Collecting a selection of Unity3D literature and documentation.

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First of all, you need to study either C # and therefore link to C # literature , or javascript and link to Javascript literature .


  • Joseph Hocking – Unity in Action. Multiplatform game development in C # with Unity 5, 2015

    Russian translation : Joseph Hawking – Unity in action. Multiplatform C # Development, 2016

  • Alan Thorn – Mastering Unity Scripting, 2015

    Russian translation : Alan Thorne – The Art of Scripting in Unity 2016


  • Kenny Lammers – Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook, 2013

    Russian translation : Kenny Lammers – Shaders and Effects in Unity, 2014

  • Alan Zucconi, Kenneth Lammers – Unity 5.x Shaders and Effects Cookbook, 2016


  • Alan R. Stagner – Unity Multiplayer Games 2013


  • Alan Thorn – Unity Animation Essentials 2015

    Russian translation : Alan Thorne – Animation Basics in Unity 2016


  • Alan Thorn – How to Cheat in Unity 5: Tips and Tricks for Game Development, 2015
  • Chris Dickinson – Unity 5 Game Optimization, 2015

Video tutorials (official only):


(updated by @ AlekseyShimansky)

The following list of submitted books has been read and rated by programmers who purchased the book on Amazon. How much does the assessment correspond to prof. status – I cannot say, but I consider it wrong and criminal to conceal this list of books)). Everyone here can learn something useful and necessary for themselves.

To the right of the title there will be a score for the book on a 5-point scale. Example: 4/5.

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