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Blank Toolbox in Visual Studio




Slight for learning Windows Form applications. Opened msdn 4 lesson . In order to add new elements to the app, Toolbox is used.

  1. Toolbox on the site :

  1. Toolbox I have :

Someone can suggest why it is empty and what should it be possible to download / install? Thanks in advance!

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Toolbox (Panel of elements in the Russian edition) in Visual Studio is available only if you have a form in the constructor mode. When switching to any other file or form code, Toolbox does not display items.

In addition, in the latest versions of the studio, there was a bug with the display of Toolbox elements and menu items, the studio forgets something there to load during startup or does not have time, but it does not throw errors, just does not show part of the interface. I do not have more accurate information, did not dig, because I met only virtual in terminal mode. It is treated by restarting studio, everything is already fitted from the second launch.

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