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How to go to a dark topic in Visual Studio 2008?




Where can I find the settings file for VS 2008 (.vssettings ), which would change the topic to the dark? Not only code editing window, but in general, all colors in the studio. I would like to see the topic similar to the dark topic in VS 2015 or 2019.

p.s. Please do not propose to go to a newer version of VS. If I had such an opportunity, it would have done it for a long time.

Answer 1

I’m not sure it is possible to make only the .vssettings options only. The likely answer to your question will be the complete replacement of Windows resources (including icons) on the topic, for example, such: https://winzoro.net/2017/03/08/photoshopf.html . I do not give complete guarantees that the authors of these DLL are clean on hand. It is best to collect these libraries on your own using resource editors, such as PE Explorer Or Resource Builder . But the likelihood is that in those DLL there is no malicious code, and everything will work as intended. But, of course, this also requires verification. So it is better to start collecting on a test virtual machine.

By the way, you will be surprised, but for the same operations in Windows 98 it was enough to just go to the settings and configure the theme of windows and icons without replacing system libraries. These settings partially remained in Windows XP, but completely disappeared in Windows Vista.

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