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v-img vuetify, does not work with ssr?




I make a project on NUXT, I use VUETIFY for UI.
I decided to use the available V-IMG. When inspection by the server generated by the code, I saw that the IMG tag is not generated (if you look through the console already on the open site, this tag is generated correctly.
What about V-IMG and SSR? Has anyone come across such a problem?

& lt; v-img
      : src = "product.image"
      Lazy-Src = "Data: image / gif; base64, r0lgodlhaqabaiaap /// waaach5baeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaow =="
      Aspect-Ratio = "1"
      Class = "Grey Lighten-2"
      Max-width = "500"
      Max-Height = "300"
    & gt;
      & lt; Template V-Slot: Placeholder & GT;
        & lt; V-ROW Class = "Fill-Height MA-0" Align = "Center" Justify = "Center" & gt;
          & lt; v-progress-circular
            Color = "Grey Lighten-5"
          & gt; & lt; / v-progress-circular & gt;
        & lt; / v-row & gt;
      & lt; / template & gt;
    & lt; / v-img & gt;

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Wrap your picture into the Require () function.
Example: : src = "Require (product.image)"

Second version This Wrap V-IMG in No-SSR Tag.

Third option is to use the Static folder for storing pictures if you use pictures locally.


Example path: src = "img / product-image.jpg"

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