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Bootmgr Is Missing when installing Win 7




Tell me, such a problem: there is a PC, there is a hard disk with Win 7. I need to install a hard disk (hereinafter referred to as a railway) too Win 7. I connected the second railway and formatted it. Then turned off his main railway, leaving a clean second, and inserted the drive with Win 7 into the drive.
Naturally in the BIOS, the first thing is set uploaded from a CD drive.
When loading, it gives an error “bootmgr is missing”. As I read, I deleted some kind of valuable program type of loader or something like that.
Now the question is: what should I do with all this now?

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Apparently, the problem is in the CD. If the disk image took from the Internet, try burning the disk through the Ultraiso program, or to be installed from the flash drive, more on how to make a flash drive here

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