Such a situation: I used to work on the VS08, but now I had to install 10 studio in the case, first there were problems with libraries loaded in the project, but then these problems disappeared. Now I have other problems, namely, when starting one project in release mode, it writes an error:

1 & gt; Link: Fatal Error LNK1181: Cannot Open Input File 'kernel32.lib'

(when starting in the debug mode everything passes normally), and when the other project is started in the debug mode, it writes

1 & gt; link: Fatal Error LNK1104: Cannot Open File 'msvcprtd.lib'

(launch into the release is successful). How to solve the problem and what is it connected with?

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This may be associated with the project options and Visual Studio options, namely, in the list of connected libraries there are no those that are specified in error messages or Visual Studio cannot find them. To correct, make the following – go to the properties of the project and there for the release option and debugs explicitly register the missing library to the list of linquent libraries.

Well, sometimes such problems arise if the library is linked with incompatible ranktime.

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just originated this error. For those who will google and stumble on this topic, I will write that this error can also occur due to the settings for the output and OBJ files for the same for two projects in one slouch. Before compiling the project, its directories for the weekend and OBJ files are cleared.

Answer 3

In Qt Creator, such errors happen if the “Shadow Assembly” project settings are specified. Disconnect it – the error disappears.

In this case, I base only for experience. I have such errors appeared when I forgot to disable the “shadow assembly”. Although the root cause of the appearance of an error, I do not know how I do not know the essence of the “shadow assembly.” Just someone can help such information.

Answer 4

Just change Debug on Release

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