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Create .Bat file to run .exe with add. Parameter




I need to run the NetBeans program with an additional parameter. Here is a working version through the console in steps:

& gt; b:
& gt; cd "Program Files \ NetBeans 7.4 \ Bin"
& gt; NetBeans64.exe --Locale en: US

However, this option is very cumbersome, plus the console closes the program itself. I tried to write .bat file:

@ echo off
Echo NetBeans.
START "NETBEANS" "B: \ Program Files \ NetBeans 7.4 \ Bin \ NetBeans64.exe --Locale en: US"

This decision, however, does not work, reports that it cannot find what I want. I know that the task is simple, but with writing such files never faced. Therefore, you need help – plz., Just write what you need to fix. I will be very grateful.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Most likely the error is that the path to the program in the Start command contains spaces and is not concluded separately in quotes. Try this:

start "netbeans" "B: \ Program Files \ NetBeans 7.4 \ Bin \ NetBeans64.exe" --Locale en: US

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