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There are two computers, houses and in the country. For both Windows. The house is connected using Ethernet (TTK), in the Dacha ADSL (Rostelecom). & GT; [@avp] [1] & gt; & gt; Are you going to connect with C & GT with the cottages; working at home by computer or want & gt; emulate it in the country? The computer will work at home, it is necessary that when I went to the Internet from a computer at the cottage traffic went through a home comp. (IP address should be home), type proxy. Is it possible to implement this? What is needed for this? Advise what to read literature on networks and protocols. Thanks! [1]: https://ru.stackoverflow.com/users/232/avp

Answer 1

This information should help in solving the question: Setup VPN server on windows 7

In this article, we will read how you can organize your own VPN server on Windows 7 without using third-party software

Answer 2

Put 3proxy on a home comp. comp. Must have a real IP address, and not gray for NAT. If the IP is gray, then TeamView use. There you can create a VPN connections. But it ….

Answer 3

The most successful option is 3proxy Detailed reference guide. It is easily available for all operating systems. Download not a big zip, unpacking and then all the settings are available on the link.

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