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How to add a path to the environment variable% Path% on Windows?




How to add something to the path (Path or System Path)? What is% Path% and% something%?

Here are examples:

  1. add the favoring string to the path , c: \ Program Files (x86) \ Cmake
    2.8 \ Bin

  2. do you have make make in your % Path% Environment Variable? ON My System, I Need to Add % mingw_dir% \ bin to % Path% .

  3. add c: & lt; qt_directory & gt; / mingw / bin to the system path .

I understand that you need to go to system properties → Advanced → Wednesday variables ...

And then, if they say about Path, add to the "User Wednesday Variables", and if System Path, then "System Variables".

then you need to click "Create". What to fit into the "variable name"? In the value of the variable you need to write down those lines that are given in the instruction, so?

qt \ \ _ directory - it is probably a way to a Qt folder. Between two % Also the way to the folder? % path% and % mingw_dir% is the same if Path understand how the path to Mingw?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Yes, right, you need to go to Properties of the system → Advanced → Wednesday variables . There will already be variable PATH. One for the current user, the second is a system-wide system. Just click on them and add the desired path through a semicolon.

Alternatively, you can write a command script in which the environment variable will change. At the same time, it can change globally for the entire system, the current session, and within exactly the command shell in which this command script is running. See the items in the article "Update Windows Path Environment Variable " [Archive ] .

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