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How to change TTL in Windows without rebooting?




I have on my MTS mobile and I distribute the Internet on the PC, distribution is conducted with DefaultTtl 65, displayed on the computer, IPv6 is disabled.

Quite often, the operator somehow determines that I lead the distribution and tightly banites distribution (there is an Internet on a mobile, there is no PC).
Next I do “Magic”:

  1. I change TTL for 64, rebooting, the Internet appears, but with a paid
  2. Change TTL for 65, reboot, the Internet appears, now
    With free distribution
  3. I live not be a couple of days, then first

Distribution, as always, breaks into the most responsible moment, and reboot takes 10 minutes.
On Linux, I would have done something like /ct/init.d/networking restart . How to change TTL without reloading to Windows?

Answer 1

Leave 65 TTL alone, just connect to the distributed Internet another any device and the Internet on the computer will appear, I do it.

Answer 2

No reboot: Netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit = 65

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