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How to install Windows instead of Ubuntu 12.04




People tell me, please, I want to get rid of Ubuntu 12.04 and nothing happens for me. I can not open the Windows disc via reboot.

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“You can’t open the Windows disc” – this means that the Win installation disk does not start? If yes, then in the BIOS, put the first bootable device optical drive: when the PC is turned on, press F2 (mostly it is it, although sometimes it is found that it is necessary to harm something else, in any case, it will be written on the screen that it is Make), go to section boot , and there something like boot device priority . Put the drive to first place and go out by saving the changes.

If you can’t load already installed Win, then I think it will help this small manual: Adding a Windows partition in the GRUB 2 menu or this (depending on which version of GRUB is installed ): adding Windows download item in the GRUB menu

However, if you installed Ubuntu over Win And the sections have re-create, banging available, then most likely to load the old Windows will not succeed)

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OPARIN92, tell me however, what exactly do you need! Or demolish Ubuntu, and instead of her Venda to put – so this is any vendor installer, it is necessary only to demolish dusty sections. But if two systems need is more difficult. Then the loader of the Venda is put on top of the rude (in another transcription – an incident), and then rude must be restored. This can be done either through the Line installation disk, or through the Rescatux, which is here: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/

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Also not forget first through Acronis or via LiveCD Delete the Linux section that is formatted in ext3 or in ext4 format. If this is not done, then when installing Windows, he simply not see this section. I repeat either just delete it either format in NTFS format.

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Apparently (namely, according to “I can’t open a disk of Windows through a reboot”) a person really needs Win to install and nothing else from the creators of “Windows”: http://windows.microsoft.com/ru-ru/windows7/installing-and-reinstalling-windows- 7 And this manual from folk craftsmen: http: // notebookclub.org/article/windows/5-windows-7-install.html This two pages contain a comprehensive amount of information to independently install Windows (regardless of which OS is installed now).

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