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How to run a few Skype on Win 10 (new Skype version)




How to run a few Skype on Win 10 (new version of Skype)?
On the Internet, only one way (add to the / Secondory label path), but as soon as Skype has been updated, this method stopped working. It is very necessary to have several workers skype to work. Please tell me how to run a parallel copy of Skype?

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Sandbox Sandboxie , Virtual Machine VMWare , you can run programs with a parameter indicating which account / profile to use. Here is the instruction: guide

Answer 2

Find file application in a folder (you can go to it if you press Skype in the Process Manager and on any branch right-click – & GT; open the location) of the following type:
“C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps \ Microsoft.skypeApp_15.66.77.0_x86__kzf8qxf38zg5c \ skype \ skype.exe”

Create a shortcut for Skype.exe on the desktop. And in the launch parameters (object “object”) to the end of add “–secondary” (without quotes). From this label you can run the second instance. You can also use this label during autorun.

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