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How to write a window app?




I want to write in Visual Studio Although it is possible and in something else, Language C++ .

Advise books, articles. I heard in VS there are Windows Forms, only the present method did not work out.

received proposals to use Windows Forms, WPF, MFC and QT. So, what’s better?

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The first step is to download and install on your car Visual C++ Express (if she is still not installed). The second step to go to the MSDN Creating Win32 applications (C++) and Perform the items all that is written there. To look into the third step to look into the Interactive textbook on Visual C++ : There is something to read. Perhaps the books will not be needed. 🙂

by WinForms: This is an outdated technology, spending time to study now there is no point. If you need to work, then yes, it is possible to study, and it is better to get acquainted with WPF .

Answer 2, Authority 17%

Read “Visual C++ and MFC” bags A., Tikhomirov Yu.

Despite the fact that it has long been published, in my opinion the most yoing book about the use of MFC.
And Windows Forms cannot be used on C++ (as already wrote in one of the comments). Since Windows Forms is available only on the .NET platform and language must be appropriate, for example C++ / CLI.

Answer 3

Hi 🙂
Do not listen USREX -A :))))

Present method, of course, will not work 🙂
Read books in Shield 🙂 He is very clear and clearly paints everything 🙂
P.S. When reading there are moments that nothing is understandable. Well, nothing. As a rule, when moving to the next article, the correct ideas and thoughts in relation to the previous one are very quickly expanded.

p.p.s. First learn how to write console applications. After that, you already go to Win-forms, because if you start learning from the middle – it is unlikely that this is something sensible for you will be done.

Answer 4

Correct answer to your question: Python + GTK.

C++ is not intended to create a GUI. And Qt – Historical Accident.

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