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For several days, I am looking for an IDE for programming under C++. Until now, except for a heap of arguments to return back to Visual Studio, I did not find it :). I would like a good IDE and not too trimmed and not “weak.” And therefore decided to ask here. Who uses what and why?

Thank you in advance and do not kick please :).

PS. I saw here This topic. But for example, it was well described and without a single minus (!) I did not like Eclipse there.

PPS. Back to VS is not an option.

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It is difficult to say what exactly you need, because It all depends on your tasks. For example, to study the SI / C++ languages, as well as for writing programs on WinAPI or using OpenGL, the DEV-C++ compiler is suitable – offsight – (There is also WXDEV-C++ – a visual environment) or C-Free – offsight , despite the fact that It is so called 2 versions of Standard and Pro (last paid). I still study the SI / C++ languages, therefore, most often I use DEV-C++, for the reason that when writing the code on the “clean” si, it allows you to declare variables where it is pleased (as in C++), And not at the beginning of the block, as in many other environments. If you need a simple environment with a form designer, then try gcide (offsayta did not find ). This medium has a simple form designer, just a few components (mainly visual), which have only several properties and events, i.e. nothing extra. Wherever you download it, you can find many different development environments. I found this Wednesday chance and decided to try.

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How to NetBeans ? Personally, I liked: Fast, comfortable, reliable.

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There is a survey on Survey Look at the comments and the survey itself)))

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Code :: Blocks – Proven IDE for C / C++ and Fitran 95. Detailed Custom Syntax Backlight , plug-ins, convenience – all about Code :: Blocks. Plus to all Code :: Blocks Crosplatformal, you will not have to create projects for different IDEs on different platforms if the Open-Source project or you have several computers with different Operations.

Answer 5

Try Vim

Answer 6

I like Qtcreator more, sometimes I use NetBeans – also fast enough with a convenient navigation on the code and for refactoring.

Answer 7

Code Blocks, it seems nothing too, and quite comfortable, as for me.
Very easy IDE, as already said, nothing superfluous

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