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After assembling the project’s release, transferred an exe file to a separate directory. Reduned all the DLLs that he asked for launch. As a result, when starting, it gives an error:

This Application Falid to Start Because It Could Not Find OR Load The Qt Platform Plugin “Windows”.

How to get rid of it? How to compile?

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you need to create a platforms folder in the program folder and copy there

Home Main Add

qstringlist paths = qcoreApplication :: librarypaths ();
paths.append (".");
paths.append ("imageformats");
Paths.append ("Platforms");
Paths.append ("sqldrivers");
QCoreApplication :: SetLibraryPaths (Paths);

Here everything is described in detail

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Recommend to use the environment variable qt_debug_plugins = 1 , i.e. In CMD Windows, execute such commands:

set qt_debug_plugins = 1

Then Qt will write where you try to search for a plugin and a detailed description of errors

I have (QT 5.5, Windows 7 Pro) He tried to search for a plugin in the current directory in the PlatForms folder . I put it there and put it. After that, it worked without changing the code and any other changes

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