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To update OpenGL – you need to update the video card drivers?




I wanted to update my OpenGL 4.3 versions. One program for 3D editing supports only OpenGL 4.6 and above.

On this site The characteristics of my video card say that the video card
Supports OpenGL to version 4.5.

Here I am trying to update the video card driver to get the latest and accessible version of OpenGL. It seems like me, the last possible goal is worth it.

OpenGL Extensions Viewer Says that I have OpenGL 4.3 version on my computer.

I understand that OpenGL 4.6 I still do not get it with the current video card, but it’s just wondering why I have the latest video card drivers installed, OpenGL should be 4.5 versions, and I have OpenGL 4.3. Not clear.

maybe the characteristics of the video card on this site wrong or somehow not so Update OpenGL?

I google how to update OpenGL and everything that gives – turators on how to update the driver Vidyuhi. I understand to update OpenGL – you need to update the video card drivers. I’m right?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Supported OpenGL version is 2 components, as you really found out: Video card + driver.

OpenGL version, as such – it is just a specification, a list of requirements so that the hardware and software complex should be able to execute / submit. If it gives – the version is considered supported.

Drivers in this matter “more important.” If they “know” about newer versions of specifications, they can try to squeeze them from the “old” video card. If the driver about the “new OpenGL” is not aware, then exactly nothing will happen. As an example, some drivers can generally declare “any” versions, and simply ignore the commands to use them, withdrawing only “naked” triangles: -)

Total – look for newer drivers. They can add or expand versions support with different models of video cards.

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