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What is the object Kqemu Virtualization Module for QEMU?




Good day.

OC: Win7
With that, with no means in the list of installed programs, it turned out to be “KQEMU VIRTUALIZATION MODULE FOR QEMU” . I rummaged a little in the instort, not thick, but still found people that use this virtual machine. I am sure that it was not installed and did not use virtual machines in general.
Product about yourself, does not bear any information:

Program Name: Kqqemu Virtualization Module for Qemu
Program Information
Program Size: [Not Available]
Install Date: [Not Available]
Last Access: [Not Available]
Install Location: [Not Available]
Install Source: [Not Available]
Version: [Not Available]
Support information
Publisher: [Not Available]
Help Info: [Not Available]
About info: [not available]
Update Info: [Not Available]
Telephone: [Not Available]
DisplayName = KQQEMU Virtualization Module for QEMU
UninstallString = Rundll32 setupApi.dll, InstallHinfSection Uninstall 132% Systemroot% \ inf \ kqqemu.inf

Suspicious object 1,4 word. I should fear it?

Answer 1

There is nothing terrible. Simply, most likely, you put something, with what the QEMU-Manager walked. If you do not use virtual machines, in particular KVM-QEMU, then you can demolish. But it is better to see which programmool dragged this manager.

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