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Why does the Taskkill team do not work in Windows 10?




Learning to work through the Windows command prompt. Stuck on processes. I was able to run for an example Calculator


Now for training I want to kill the process in different ways. By name

taskkill / im calc.exe


tasklist / v / fo list / fi "ImageName EQ Calc *"
Taskkill / PID 3920

by image name using the filter

Taskkill / Fi "ImageName EQ Calc *"

Why didn’t one of the ways worked? I, of course, glad that

Success: Saved a process of completion of the process with an identifier 3920.

But where is the completion itself?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

1. In the new Windows, the calculator process has the name “calculator.exe”, and not “calic.exe”. “Calc.exe” is a wrapper for reverse compatibility, and a real process in another application (UWP).

2. To complete the process forcibly, not “send a signal”, use the / f key:

taskkill / f / im calculator.exe

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