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Windows overloads the processor while idle




For reasons unknown to me, Windows loads the processor when idle. The computer rattles like a locomotive, reacts to my actions either with very long delays or does not react at all. At the same time, I suspended the updates through the parameters. What can load the processor so much, especially during idle times? There were no such jokes during the work? Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC. Only Kaspersky works in active mode, but there was no activity on its part at the time of idle time. There are no viruses on the computer either.
Help please

Answer 1, authority 100%

We look at the process that boots the system. If the process is not systemic, then go to its address and post it on VirusTotal for analysis. If this is a system process, then 2 options are possible:

  1. This is how the OS works. It may be doing background operations, and Win10 likes to do something in the background, like eating your RAM.
  2. This is malware (possibly a miner). It is registered in your system process (usually it can be svchost.exe) and is engaged in nasty activities. Killing svchost is a bad idea, the system will crash with it. Just look for suspicious applications.

Answer 2, authority 100%

Option 1 : Check the system with another antivirus (preferably in safe mode and another antivirus). How this is done can be easily googled. Perhaps some miner is in use, which Kaspersky does not see.

Option 2 : Win10 is very fond of optimizing the computer in idle mode: defragmenting the hard disk, rebuilding indexes, scanning files with the built-in defender, etc. (the solution partially overlaps with option 3, but the ways to disable it are also googled)

Option 3 : If you need to see what is loading the processor in the task manager. If something looks like ntoskrnl.exe then go here: https://fossbytes.com/how-to-fix-high-ram-and-cpu-usage-of-windows- 10-system-ntoskrnl-exe-process / or here https://mywebpc.ru/windows/ntoskrnl-exe-system-gruzit-cpu-pamyat-windows-10/

Other options are also possible, since too little input.

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