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The site shows and works WP_HEAD () but WP_FOOTER () is not displayed

& lt;? PHP WP_FOOTER (); ? & gt; & lt; / body & gt; & lt; / html & gt;

Here is the index.php file

Add_action ('WP-Footer', 'scripts_theme');
Function scripts_theme () {
  WP_ENQUEUE_STYLE ('SLICK', Get_Template_Directory_uri (). '/Ssets/slick/slick.css');
  WP_ENQUEUE_STYLE ('SLICK-THEME', GET_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY_URI (). '/Ssets/slick/slick-Theme.css');
  WP_ENQUEUE_Script ('BT', Get_Template_Directory_uri (). '/Ssets/js/bootstrap.min.js');
  WP_ENQUEUE_Script ('Calc', get_template_directory_uri (). '/Ssets/js/calc.js');
  WP_ENQUEUE_Script ('Mask', Get_Template_Directory_uri (). '/Ssets/js/jquery.maskInput.min.js');
  WP_ENQUEUE_Script ('WOW', Get_Template_Directory_uri (). '/Ssets/js/wow.min.js');
  WP_ENQUEUE_Script ('Slick', get_template_directory_uri (). '/Ssets/slick/slick.js');

That’s what the hell in function.php
Help please with the problem

Answer 1, Authority 100%

may be able to change the WP-Footer on WP_FOOTER in the Add_action function?


add_action ('WP-Footer', 'scripts_theme');


add_action ('WP_FOOTER', 'scripts_theme');

Answer 2, Authority 100%

You do not propen the scripts correctly. Scripts and styles should connect to Hook WP_ENQUEUE_Scripts . Also, if you want the scripts to be connected in a footer, then you must specify the last True parameter. Read more In the documentation: https://wp-kama.ru/function/wp_enqueue_script

add_action ('WP_ENQUEUE_Scripts', 'scripts_theme');
Function scripts_theme () {
  WP_ENQUEUE_Script ('NewScript', Get_Template_Directory_uri (). '/js/custom_script.js', [], True); // True - says that you need to connect scripts in the footer. (Only works for scripts)

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