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Difference UniformGrid from Grid




I want to replace in my WPF application GRID control to a more appropriate UniformGrid. However, after replacing (seemingly equivalent), I get offsets in the location of the content on cells and repetitions. Tell me what the difference between these controls and what can be connected with this behavior?

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uniformgrid is very different from Grid and is very limited. It automatically places the elements in the grid with a certain size, changing the size, as well as the number of rows and columns when adding controls. Cells always have the same size. This item is conveniently used to quickly create a mesh with a unified size (chessboard, calculator buttons). The number of rows and columns can be assigned manually. In this case, if the number of child elements exceeds the number of cells, these elements will not be reflected. If you set only the number of lines, then as the daughter elements increases, the number of columns will increase.

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