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Simulator does not start in PlayGround based on Xcode




In the Playgroud, I work, but never starts the simulator on this platform, all the time spinner loads, then even freezes in one position,

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but the simulator does not start, and that is characteristic, first the message is issued with the same spinner that the simulator is loaded, the “Running Simulator” is then displayed that everything is ready – “Ready”, but the necessary functionality is so And not loading.

so far:

and by the way, which is even significant, some functions, as seen in the image above, do not load, and they cannot be used! And it should be about something like this:
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maybe it can matter in the operating system itself, in its power, so far I have the following system parameters:

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Answer 1, Authority 100%

Very similar to PlayGround glitches.
I also have such behavior, although the technical indicators are much higher. It is possible to reinstall Xcode.

I do run manually (I put a tick on the manual launch):

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It is believed that if you delete the highest comments and remove the gaps, then the problem is letting it, but it did not help me.

Answer 2

The problem was solved, banal, update Xcode to the new version. Now if the simulator is not started, it is enough to press the SHIFT + RETURN key combination, and that’s it! If an error is issued that the module is not loaded – the module is loaded, it is enough to press the corresponding key combination again. Also appeared a function of clicking on the start key, as on video players, directly in the code to start the simulator!

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