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How to make a timer in an Android application? Just use java.util.timer ?

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There is in the OS that – countdowntimer .
But in general, here is a suitable:

Timer Timer = New Timer ();
Timer.Schedule (New updatetimetask (), 0, 1000); // Tick every second without delay
// Task for timer
Class UpdateTimetask EXTENDS Timertask {
  Public void Run () {

In fact, try first Countdowntimer .
A, remembered. Here you still have dock .

Only the timer works once (the one java.util.timer ), such a feature is, and you need to intercept illegalstateException .

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You can use CountdownTimer.

Public Class Mytimer Extends Countdowntimer
  Public Mytimer (Long MillisInfuture, Long CountdownInterval)
     Super (MillisInfuture, CountdownInterval);
  Public void onfinish ()
    // Do Something ...
  Public Void Ontick (Long Millisuntilfinished)

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If you need a simple timer, you can use chronometer .

For example, in Layout We place Chronometer :

& lt; chronometer
Android: id = "@ + id / chronometer"
Android: layout_width = "wrap_content"
Android: layout_height = "wrap_content" / & gt;

in Activity Initialize Chronometer , get the time since the application starts and install it as the basic CRONOMETER :

Chronometer Chronometer = (Chronometer) FindViewByid (R.ID.Chronometer);
Long StartTime = SystemClock.elapsedrealtime ();
Chronometer.SetBase (StartTime);

We get a regular tick timer on the screen.

Time output format can be changed in SetFormat (String Format)

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