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Embarcadero C++ Builder 10.3 does not give prompts by code




Specified IDE installed from the official site. Trial version (30 days). When installing, noted C++ Builder X32 Win and C++ Builder X64 Win. I have a Windows 7 x64 system with all updates. In the Builder settings, on the Properties tab – & gt; Code Insight All Ticks are exhibited.

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The prompts are not issued (the local analogue of Intellisense, i.e. Class members after entering – & gt; behind the name of the instance). Briefly flashing “sandy hours” and immediately disappear. Ctrl + Space does not respond in any way.

Please tell me what else is you needed?

Answer 1

helped me like this:
In Code Insight removed all ticks, saved. Then again all the checkboxes set, saved and restarted the program. And everything worked.

Answer 2

Maybe someone will help. I earned Code Completion after switching on, in the project settings, a classic compiler.

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Answer 3

2 version helped me, in CodeInsight (Tools – & GT; Option) there this field, turned off all the checkboxes, pressed to save, after back turned on and starting to work!

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