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Running Android Studio emulator on AMD processor




When you press the launch of the emulator, the window pops up with the requirement to install HAXM. When I am AMD, Intel packages are not supported.

Here I showed the installed package emulator emulator for AMD (saw in the video, if not Intel means this package download, it said)

And this is the most frozen window that pops up after the launch of the emulator.

All sources are recommended to perform the operation of enabling virtualization in BIOS as well as some dancing with the on and off Hyper-V.

Somehow I tried to man ack. On the screen, the application shows that virtualization is disabled. Although I just turned it on, strange, well, oh well. And in the components opposite the Hyper-V there is a check mark


And here, under such conditions, Android Studio requests chess. How should it be placed that it worked?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

The fact is that the installation package specified in SDK Tools requires installation. It just downloaded to the folder where Androidsdk \ Extras \ Google \ Android_emulator_Hypervisor_Driver , but it is not installed.
You need to manually start silent_install.bat on behalf of the administrator.
The development team says that this is still a temporary solution. Read about this innovation here:
https: //androidStudio.googleblog. com / 2019/12 / Emulator-29211-and-AMD-Hypervisor-12-to.html

Thanks to AMD Hypervisor Emulation will run with a hardware acceleration of the CPU, you do not need to turn on Hyper-V / WHPX (and therefore you can run other virtual machines, such as VirtualBox, because it used to be impossible).

You can manually download here:
https://github.com/google/android-emulator- Hypervisor-Driver-for-AMD-Processors

Thus, the ideal configuration when Hyper-V, Windows Hypervisor Platform and Windows Sandbox (Windows 10) – are disabled .
In this case, virtualization in the BIOS should be enabled (enabled ). To be called this item must Virtualization / AMD-V or SVM (Secure Virtual Machines).

Answer 2

https://stackoverflow.com/questions / 63218262 / Unable-to-Install android-Emulator-Hypervisor-Driver-For-AMD-Processor

I solved the problem. Pay attention to the last comment about Avast antivirus. I turned off “Enable virtualization with hardware support” and everything is immediately installed. Now I can work with android emulator on Flutter via Visual Studio.
And so I did all the same moves as you. Only additionally disabled the function in Avast.
Good luck.

Answer 3

Pay attention to the Emulator Hypervisor for AMD in SDK Tools. There in brackets indicated that the installer is loaded. Go to the folder where it downloads it (I had C: \ Users \% Username% \ AppData \ Local \ Android \ SDK \ Extras \ Google \ Android_emulator_Hypervisor_Driver) and run on behalf of the admin located there is a Siulent_Install Bachir. After that, the list of emulators must stop offering to deliver HaxM and virtuals must be started

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