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How to remove 500 errors and enable php errors.




In PHP.ini, turned on display_errors and display_startup_errors, did not help.

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tried at the beginning of the script to register

& lt;? php
error_Reporting (E_ALL);
? & gt;

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Why does an error 500 occur?

The most frequent cause of the error 500 (Internal Server Error, the internal server error) is the wrong syntax of the .htaccess file or the presence of unsupported directives. It is most often enough to comment on the Options directive (for this you need to put a grid at the beginning – #), and the problem will disappear.

Error 500 can also occur due to improper handling of CGI scripts:

CGI scripts should have the end of the strings in UNIX format (\ n ), and not in the Windows format (\ R \ N ). To do this, you need to download them to the FTP server in ASCII mode.

CGI scripts and folders in which they are located, should be available for recording only the owner, that is, have the rights 0755 DrWXR-XR-X ).

As a result of the work of the CGI script, incorrect HTTP response headers are formed. In this case, to solve the problem, it is useful to refer to error_log (it can be found in the control panel in the “Statistics / Log / Log / Log” section).

Answer 3

And what does Error.log servers say. One of the options, the script is not performed due to non-correct access rights.

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