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Cannot send POST query in the form of an array on the API server




The second day I can not cope with the site of the site https://smmok-fb.ru/ .
The fact is to get the API key I need to send an array with credentials (Mail, Password) in response as a JSON string I have to get the key. But in the end, it is impossible to send a request properly, please help with sending a post request.

URL API – http://smmok-fb.ru/api/getapikey
API documentation – https://smmok14.ru/api_docs

Class for desperilization JSON:

Public Class Requestsmmok
  [JSONProperty ("Status")]
  Public int Status {Get; SET; }
  [JSONProperty ("Error")]
  Public String Error {Get; SET; }
  [Jsonproperty ("Respond")]
  Public Respond [] Respond {Get; SET; }
Public Class Respond.
  [JSONProperty ("API_KEY")]
  Public String apikey {get; SET; }

My sample code:

using (httpclient client = new httpclient ())
      client.default.parseaddd ("Mozilla / 4.0 (Compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)");
      HttpContent Content = New FormurlencodedContent (New
        New Keyvaluepair & lt; String, String & GT; ("Email", "[email protected]"),
        New KeyValuepair & LT; String, String & GT; ("Password", "Value")
      content.headers.contentType = New MediatypeHeaderValue ("Application / X-WWW-Form-Urlencoded");
      Var Responsemessage =.
        await client.postasync ("http://smmok-fb.ru/api/getapikey", content);
      var left = jsonconvert.deserializeobject & lt; requestsmmok & gt; (responsemessage.content.readasstringasync (). result);

What I get in the end in the response – {“Status”: 400, “error”: “\ u041d \ u0435 \ u0443 \ u043a \ u0430 \ u043d email”} “

Answer 1, Authority 100%

  1. do not need to create httpclient for each request.
  2. iDisposable classes need to be wrapped in using or dispensarly manually.
  3. FormurlencodedContent automatically configure the content-type, you do not need to do this manually
  4. .result In asynchronous code – this is an error, use AWAIT

Range on the example.

Announce HttpClient separately, once at all time of the program.

private static readonly httpclient client = new httpclient ();

If you need a user-agent, add it too in a class designer, once. But I’m not sure that you need it at all, try first without him.

client.defaultRequestheaders.useragent.parseadd ("Mozilla / 4.0 Compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; sv1) ");

Well, the method itself.

private async task & lt; t & gt; Postapidata & lt; T & GT; (String URL, Dictionary & Lt; String, String & GT; Data)
  Using (HttpContent CONTENT = New FormurlencodedContenttent (DATA))
  Using (HttpResponsemessage Responsemessage = Await Client.postasync (URL, CONTENT) .configureawait (false))
    String Jsontext = await responsemessage.content.readasstringasync (). Configureawait (False);
    Return jsonconvert.deserializeObject & lt; T & GT; (JSontext);


dictionary & lt; string, string & gt; PostData = New Dictionary & LT; String, String & GT; ();
postdata.add ("email", "[email protected]");
postdata.add ("Password", "Value");
Requestsmmok Result = Await Postapidata & lt; Requestsmmok & gt; ("https://smmok-fb.ru/api/getapikey", postdata);

Here is another error, you do not need an array, correct this way

[jsonproperty ("respond")]
Public Respond Respond {Get; SET; }

I will finish here:

The cause of the error was that the server wants HTTPS request, and not http , although this is not specified in the API documentation. Changed the link to https: // , and everything worked.

Answer 2

If you translate UTF-8 characters into the string, the server responds: “Email not specified”. Try through Fiddler to see that in reality is sent to the server. Maybe he wants Email in another field, it’s hard to figure out here.

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