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How to make a text quest in C #




How to make a text quest in C #, please explain what is needed for this I don’t understand I recently started studying and now I want to do it but I don’t understand how.

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Although it is indecent, I will assume that you are just beginning to understand programming in general, and not only in C #, otherwise you would hardly have such a question in such a formulation. Based on this, I want to give you a subjective advice-algorithm:

  1. Write something. If you think for a long time about how to make the perfect game, you will soon lose all desire to do something. Start, for example, with console I / O and a bunch of conditions.
  2. Try to play your own game, feel what you don’t like, what you want to add, and then just realize your desires – you are the master of your game. Here you will have specific questions about the implementation, which are quite welcome here and on other forums.
  3. Next, you will notice that you are not comfortable fixing something in your code and reading it after a certain period of time. At this step, you should sit down to the tutorials for a while to improve the very structure of your game. (This is also one of the best (IMHO) ways to learn OOP and patterns.)
  4. You probably just don’t want to continue your game trying to integrate the tricks you just learned. Here you just go to step 1 and start developing a new game using everything you learned in step 3.

Specifically about text quests: if you are interested in creating a story, and not in the subtleties of implementation, then you should look towards ready-made engines and makers.

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