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How to put a background pattern in Richbox C #?




I wonder here e-paper notepads are created and their rear background is not white, but a varicolored, into a cage, in line. Question: How can I achieve this? So that the lines remain as usual, but in the background put the drawing into the cage, in the line? Considered Richbox in C #, but there did not find the item Image. Please tell me what is the secret?

or make Rich TextBox transparent

Answer 1, Authority 100%

At least there is a CANVAS property that has any visual element.

p.s. Checked – it turned out to be alone, apparently Kakaito Glitch of memory.

then do so (WPF):

& lt; richtextbox ... & gt;
      & lt; RichTextBox.Background & gt;
        & lt; imagebrush imageSource = "/ WPFapplication1; Component / Images / Pic.jpg" / & gt;
      & lt; /richTextBox.Background>
 & lt; / richTextBox & gt;

WinForms: Looks like this functionality RichTextBox does not provide :(, you need to take another component from third-party developers.

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