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Is it possible in C # when you enter the string “string”, for example: “Dog” – divide it into letters “C”, “o”, “b”, “a”, “k”, “a”. I know from the “Split” function, but there it is necessary to specify the place for the division, but I need to direct each character and space too!

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The string class has a special ToCharArray method that returns an array of characters. Also string implements IEnumerable & lt; char & gt; , so we can use the Linq extension method ToArray . Choose whichever you like (but I suspect that the first can work faster, because the string length is known, and the second is a more universal method and works for any sequences):

string s = "string";
char [] a = s.ToCharArray ();
char [] b = s.ToArray ();

Well, if you do not need to change the data, but only read, you can use the indexer: Console.WriteLine (s [0]);

If you want to edit a string character by character, then get a character array as described above, edit any elements in it and get a string from the final array (string has a constructor that accepts an array of characters):

string s2 = new string (a);

Instead of an array, you can use the StringBuilder class – it represents a mutable string, its indexer supports both reading and writing:

string s1 = "string";
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder (s1);
sb [0] = 'b';
sb [1] = 'o';
string s2 = sb.ToString ();
Console.WriteLine (s2);

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string str = "Dog";
foreach (char c in str)
  Console.WriteLine (c);
Console.ReadLine ();

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