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Standing folder monitoring implemented on C #




Good afternoon. I am trying to write a tiny program on C #, which will monitor the activity of the specified folder and display information about the time of the last change in Label. Tried to implement this process through while:

Public Partial Class Form1: Form
  Public Form1 ()
    Initializecomponent ();
  Private Void Form1_Load (Object Sender, Eventargs E)
    button1.text = ("Start check");
    button2.text = ("Stop check");
  Private Void Button1_Click (Object Sender, Eventargs E)
    While (Start == False)
      DirectoryInfo Dir = New DirectoryInfo (@ "C: \ Users");
      label1.text = ("Full Way:" + dir.fullName);
      label2.text = ("Last updated:" + dir.lastwritetime);

But this code example does not make anything at all.

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Here is the link to Acquaintance with Event Observation File Systems !

There it is written about the observation of the file system events and there are examples.

Filesystemwatcher.changed – event occurs when a file or directory changes in the specified path Path .

FileSystemWatcher.Renamed – event occurs when renaming a file or directory in a given way Path .

Changed event occurs unexpectedly when renaming the file, but it does not occur when changing the name of the catalog.

To track rename, use the Renamed event.


Public Class Watcher
  Public Static Void Main ()
    Run ();
  [PermissionSet, Name = "FullTrust")]
  Public Static Void Run ()
    String [] Args = System.Environment.getCommandLineArgs ();
    // If A Directory Is Not Specified, Exit Program.
    if (args.length! = 2)
      // Display The Proper Way to Call The Program.
      Console.WriteLine ("Usage: Watcher.exe (Directory)");
    // Create a New FileSystemwatcher and Set Its Properties.
    FileSystemwatcher Watcher = New FilesystemWatcher ();
    watcher.path = args [1];
    / * Watch for Changes in LastAccess and Lastwrite Times, and
      The Renaming Of Files Or Directories. * /
    watcher.notifyFilter = NotifyFilters.lastaccess | Notifyfilters.lastwrite.
      | NotifyFilters.Filename | Notifyfilters.directoryName;
    // Only Watch Text Files.
    watcher.filter = "* .txt";
    // Add Event Handlers.
    watcher.changed + = new filesystemEventHandler (OnChanged);
    watcher.created + = New FileStemeventHandler (OnChanged);
    Watcher.Deleted + = New FilesystemEventHandler (OnChanged);
    Watcher.Renamed + = New RenameDeventHandler (Onrenamed);
    // Begin Watching.
    watcher.enableraisingevents = true;
    // Wait for the user to Quit the Program.
    Console.WriteLine ("Press \ 'Q \' To Quit The Sample.");
    While (Console.read ()! = 'Q');
  // Define The Event Handlers.
  Private Static Void OnChanged (Object Source, FileSystemEventargs E)
    // Specify What Is Done When A File Is Changed, Created, or Deleted.
    Console.WriteLine ("File:" + E.fullPath + "" + E.ChangeType);
  Private Static Void Onrenamed (Object Source, RenameDeventargs E) 
     // Specify what is done when a file is renamed.
     Console.WriteLine ("File: {0} renamed to {1}", e.OldFullPath, e.FullPath);

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