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Do C++ write under iOS and Windows Phone?




I know that under Android write. And iOS and Windows Phone have an analogue of NDK, or if you write, then solely on OBJC and C #?

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is quite common in mobile gamedev, for example. The games are much smaller than the binding to the API system, but to preserve the overall code for a heap of different platforms – invaluable. An example of this can serve as an OPENS2D-X.

On iOS is all very simple and convenient: C++ calmly coexists in one project and even in one file with Objective-C. It is possible to use both C++ from the Objective-C code and the opposite. All standard Objective-C libraries can be available from C++. Naturally, there are some subtleties associated with the name of files and connecting the header files, as well as with memory, as in Objective-C there is a garbage collection, and in C++ is not, but, in general, it is a little thing, the development is quite simple and convenient. Not sure if it is possible with SWIFT.

Under Windows Phone, I did not directly develop. As far as I know from communicating with WinPhone programmers, clean C++ there must be connected to the project in the form of a dynamic library (.dll) with all the resulting problems. At the same time, the program itself can be written on C++ / CLI (Managed C++).

Compared with Android Development:

  • Development under iOS on C++ is several times more convenient.
  • under WinPhone I would say – approximately comparable for problems, but these problems are in the root different.

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https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library /windows/apps/hh974580.aspx
The idea should be easier than in android. It would be interesting to hear the comments of the people who wrote cross-platform applications under these three platforms.

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On iOS on pure C++ is usually not written, because Most API written on Objective-C. However, they write to Objective-C++, which is essentially an add-in over C++.

Answer 4

In general, there is an opportunity to write under C++. Micrasoft gives this solution via Visoystudio + Xamarin with it there is no problem to write for mobile devices. I myself used the same technology ligaments but in C #, but I don’t think that there will be some kind of problem with C++ the same principles will work and work written in this language.

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