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The program does not find MSVCR100D.DLL




The program was written using the Windows.h library.
When transferring to another computer, it gives out such an error:

Is it possible to carry somehow with the program to do the necessary library so as not to install additional software on other computers? If so, how to implement it?

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Of course, you can! Just put the desired DLL into the catalog where the program starts.

In addition, MSVCR * .DLL is not a library with WinAPI, it is a C++ early-library. You will have to carry it with you almost always.

By the way, you compile a debug version (so used MSVCR100 D .dll), and you will most likely need to install.

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Library, put in the program folder – this is, of course, the working version (if you do not forget about the manifesto to it). But if you do not mention another way, the answer will be incomplete.

can be downloaded from the Microsoft website and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86 , x64 ). Also, these installations are allowed to distribute along with your program if there is no desire to force users to download them yourself.

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