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wcout does not output Cyrillic characters [duplicate]




To display Cyrillic characters Unicode , I used the type wchar_t and the WCout method, but they are not outlined in simple. What needs to be done for their conclusion in the console?

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For example:

# include & lt; locale & gt;
  wcout.imbue (Locale ("rus_rus.866"));
  wcin.imbue (Locale ("rus_rus.866"));
  Wstring Name;
  WCOUT & LT; & lt; L "Enter your name:" & lt; & lt; Endl;
  WCIN & GT; & GT; Name;
  WCOUT & LT; & LT; L "Hi" & lt; & lt; Name & lt; & lt; L "!" & lt; & lt; Endl;
  Return 0;

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