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What is this file gmon.out?




When I began to study C++, I downloaded myself IDE DeV C++ with built-in compilers GCC and G ++ .
I wrote the programs first did not notice and then I noticed that when I write any code for example:

# include & lt; iostream & gt;
  Using Namespace STD;
  Float A = 2.34E + 22F;
  Float B = A + 1.0F;
  COUT & LT; & LT; "a =" & lt; & lt; A & LT; & LT; Endl;
  COUT & LT; & LT; "B - a =" & lt; & lt; B - A & LT; & LT; Endl;
  Return 0;

Yes and any other and click Compile and execute then the program is executed and when the program ends and Main returns 0 This window closes and Create a file Gmon.out
I did not know who to ask the sysadminov or programmers but when I was convinced that it creates a file not compiler / IDE and the program itself after its execution decided to ask Programmers:

  1. Why this file is created (gmon.out )?
  2. what is it created?
  3. What makes it be created and how to cancel the creation of this file ?

p.s. I noticed that file always weighs exactly 123kb and does not contain the beginning of the mzђ type of and contains the beginning of the type:

@ `dc y y d x & lt; du "K @


@ @ ° Dc 8i y d x u du "4 @

and then bits that notepad considers spaces / tabs and if two programs output the same text that the file has the same thing … It seems to me that everything that brought COUT Writing …

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Why was it possible to argue when you could immediately answer the questioned question.

GMON.out – code profiling file. It is easier to speak, it contains information for the analysis of the program. This file opens through GPROF (GNU Profiller).
If you do not want that this file was created at each compilation, you need to specify in the Dev CPP settings: “Project” – & gt; “Project options” – & gt; “compiler” tab- & gt; “code profiling” and install “no”

Answer 2, Authority 250%

briefly, gmon.out is a data file on how the program was executed.

More: Acceleration code with a GNU-profiler

@Gorets, really from the comment @rules it is not clear that he can’t read in English?
Although, they say that if you look at the text on an unfamiliar language for a long time, then gradually its meaning begins to reach you.

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