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Good people, tell me.
To work, it is necessary to display the contents of the .pdf files in the form of sketches. Watching the icon.
In general, everything works, but on the desktop the file icon turns into a black square, is it somehow treated?

When changing the size of the desktop icons via Ctrl + wheel, +1 up -1 down, the icons appear, after the first update of the desktop, they remain, but after a second update, for some reason it flies again.

Answer 1

Try to remove thumbs.db from the desktop, so that the sketch is restored.

Answer 2

There was a solution:
Right-click on the free desktop item – & gt; View – & gt; Large / ordinary / minor switch.
If the size via Ctrl + mouse wheel is not changed, you will not fly away.
Nephields Adobe, did not provide that in Windows there is an opportunity to change the size of icons on the desktop.

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